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Healthcare Tour was established in Istanbul. The Health Tour is an operation tour that offers high quality medical services to health tourists from around the world. In addition, hospitality, reliability and humanity are the cornerstones of the company. Our experience in the healthcare sector will give you high quality and reasonable price confidence. Our goal is to provide our clients with first-class medical treatment at affordable prices.

Health Tour combines the best physician with comfortable accommodation and the most beautiful scenery you can see until now to plan your health journey uniquely. We use JCI accredited hospitals to make sure they have international standards.

The Health Tour offers the right options for proper care at the right hospital. Just say your wishes and sit comfortably. You will not miss your home with a hospital network, qualified consultants and a unique view of Turkey.

Health Tour offers complex services to health tourists. We established the most appropriate health center. We have international patient coordinators who make contact between our patients, our doctors and our company, and help with illness until they return. During the diagnosis process, our co-ordinators talk to the consultants and surgeons to help you feel safe.

Healthcare Tour can offer a complete service package to communicate directly with doctors and doctors who will treat you on issues such as treatment, travel, concierge services, accommodation, visas. Needles telling you we took all your health records. And do not worry, stay true to the whole process. You can be sure that you are on the right hand.

Hospitality is an integral part of Turkish culture. The visitors never feel right. If you feel like home, come to Turkey.

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